nifty products

There are resources and products I’ve used and that I recommend.


The number of great ideas in this book surprised me.This one is simply fun.

David’s book is a classic.

Printable Stickynote sheets3M makes Post-it sheets that can be used in a printer. There are 6 stickies per sheet. These are expensive, but worth it if you have lots of information that is already digital, and that you need to get onto stickies.Here’s the product info:
3M’s Paper Kit, Post-It Notes, Printscape, Personalized, 6 Notes/Sheet, 100 Sheets (00021200512827). This package allows you to create up to 600 3″x4.25″. 3M Post-it Notes on your inkjet or laserjet printer. Contents include 100 8-1/2in. x 11in. sheets (6 notes/sheet).

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