UX Week 2008 : Become a Sticky-Note Ninja

August 10th, 2008

It’s the season for Adaptive Path’s UX Week! I work at AP, and I’m pretty excited to be presenting at UX Week 2008. There are a ton of interesting sessions, many taught by my colleagues at Adaptive Path.

Here’s my session description:

Become a Sticky-Note Ninja

In this workshop you will:

* Discover how to pick the right sticky-note solution for a specific problem
* Learn how to lead a group in collaborative sticky-note sessions
* Organize a workroom for maximum collaborative success
* Explore the keys to quickly and easily documenting workgroup results
* Investigate how to work asynchronously via sticky-note boards

Sticky notes (a.k.a. Post-it Notes®) have become the lingua franca for remembering pesky tasks and to-do items. Although this is helpful, their real potential lies in effectively and rapidly organizing collaborative group work. Unfortunately, few teams know how to make the most of these simple yet powerful tools. In this workshop, you will learn to maximize the potential of sticky notes, taking your group-collaboration skills to the next level and, in turn, become a real Sticky-note Ninja.

This workshop will explore how to use sticky notes in all stages of the design process, from strategy and design through development. You will learn 8 simple, flexible and effective methods to help you discover new ideas, unpack problems, document workflows, identify issues and opportunities (and what to do about them) and keep everyone, from business folks to development teams, in sync and on target.

Armed with only the most humble of office supplies — sticky notes and sharpie pens — we’ll work through 7 major collaborative challenges:

* Unpacking problem and opportunity spaces.
* Brainstorming ideas and prioritizing the best ones.
* Gathering design and development goals.
* Building consensus for a shared direction.
* Making sense of complex workflows.
* Delving into the roots of a problem so that you can solve it appropriately.
* Creating idea constellations that spark new approaches and directions.

So become a Sticky-Note Ninja and get the most out of these simple, yet important, design tools.

There will be 36 folks in the session, and I’ll try to grab photos of the workshop as it happens. After the workshop, the slide deck will be posted here.

Because there are 3 hours for the session, we’ll be able to get into more than lecture+activities…we’ll have a group exercise to learn with and from each other. We’ll all share our experiences in running and attending participatory group sessions, and we’ll capture the knowledge of the group (and yes, we’ll be using sticky notes, heh.) After the session, we’ll share out the learnings to the larger UX Week attendee audience.

So stay tuned for the blog post of the results!

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