Now that’s a big stickie

August 10th, 2008

Now that’s a big stickie

Originally uploaded by Dan Harrelson

My collegues Dan and Leah also spoke at Agile 2008, and Dan sent along this stickynote sighting.

The stickies are stuck on the back panel of a vendor booth. It’s a little hard to see the scale, but I estimate the size of these pink notes notes at about 2ft x 2ft-ish, and the yellow ones about 1ft x 1ft.

So of course, I’m drooling. Turns out you can get the mega stickies at

One Response to “Now that’s a big stickie”

  1. Livia Labate Says:

    Hey Kate,

    I was walking around in Brooklyn earlier this year window shopping on some fancy design stores and I came across these post-its. I could not believe it - it was the size of my head! Bigger even!

    I bought them and can attest that they are awesome. They are definitely not for as frequent use as regular sized post-its, but they are great after clustering and writing a summary of key points from a cluster, for example.

    They are also great to draw wireframes and sketches that can live on the wall along regular post-its, such as in an alignment wall (mental model, Indi style).

    Highly recommended!